Is it too early to be thinking about Birthday?

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Even though we are still a few months away from birthday, it is never too early to think about saving for the holiday, a time of the month which often proves to be hectic in on peoples stress levels – and their wallets!

There are many ways you can save for the birthday season without limiting what fun you can have right now. One way of saving is by setting up a savings account. With a savings account the money will be diverted from your bank account without you ever seeing it, thus saving you from the temptation of spending it! If you deposit as little as just £10 in to a savings account by the time the birthday shop comes around you will have £60 at your disposal for friends and family. Obviously, if you wish to spend more you can just deposit a bigger amount each month in to your savings account.

Another method of saving money – although maybe less popular! – is to cut down on how much you spend on a night out. Just cutting back on one drink a time, saving you a couple of quid a week will soon add to a big windfall when it comes around to getting in the birthday shop on all the food and presents which are needed for that time of the year. A similar suggestion for this method is that at the end of each night put all the change you have accumulated through the night in to a “Birthday Fund” jar and leave it untouched.

Arguably the best way to save for the birthday season is to actually buy the presents now, meaning you can kick back and relax in the knowledge that you have already got your birthday list sorted. Most shops will have summer clearout deals as they await new stock for the months ahead which means that everything will be cheaper. Buying now also takes out the hassle and stress of having to trawl through crowded shops at the last minute to discover what you intended to buy may have already sold out.

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