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10 ways that you can keep your money in your wallet

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We all like to save money where we can, so in this article we are going to offer 10 of the best ways that you can keep your money in your wallet.

1.Don’t use your card, use cash!
If you constantly pay for any items you purchase with a card you never really know how much money you have spent until your bank statement arrives at the end of the month, which can often lead to a nasty surprise. By keeping to using cash you can keep a record of how much you have spent and how much you have left over.

2.Don’t pay to use an ATM:
Bank owned ATM’s will not charge you for using their services, regardless of whether your account is with that bank or not. Make sure that you stick to these machines when withdrawing money. ATM’s that can be found in pubs, clubs and shopping centres are normally privately owned and will charge you for the pleasure of withdrawing your money, normally this is a minimum of $1.50 but can be more. To keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket – stick to high street ATM’s.

3.Don’t impulse buy:
We’re all tempted to splash the cash when the latest gadget comes out, be it a new games console, TV, or phone. But think first: do you need it? Can you afford it? Will you get bored of it? If you can’t justify buying it for any reason other than it’s new then chances are you don’t really need it. You can save the money and spend it on something more essential in the future.

4.Look around for the best deal:
If you do decide to buy that new phone, then don’t go in to the first shop you can think of and buy it; look around first. The internet has made it easier than ever to find the best deal, with price comparison websites such as Amazon and Play you can have multiple prices listed next to each other ensuring you can get the cheapest deal for that new item you want.

5.Combine the prices of your phone, internet and digital:
Whereas in years past getting separate deals for these was your only option the vast majority of companies now all offer a bundle pack. This means that you can get your phone, internet and cable in one deal that should hopefully be at a reduced cost as they are all with the same company.

6.Take a packed lunch to work:
By taking a packed lunch to work you save the pounds by not wasting money on lunch every day. Although it may only cost a few pounds for a meal day-by-day and week-by-week that will rise in to a small fortune. Bringing food from home is not just cheaper in the long run, it’s probably healthier too than buying fast food every day.

7.Don’t shop on an empty stomach:
Shopping hungry is a sure fire way of overspending. With ‘hunger eyes’ every aisle you pass through will contain multiple items of food that will appeal to all your senses. Make sure you therefore go shopping on a full stomach, which means that you can just focus on buying what you need, and only what you need!

8.Shop with a list
Shopping with a list also helps focus you to buy just what you need. By knowing full well what you are going to buy you can just go to those areas of the shop, get what you need, pay and get out. Going in ‘blind’ so to speak, not having a great idea of what you need is what normally leads to impulse buys of things that you don’t need, or aren’t going to eat, leading to wasted money.

9.Buy insurance
It may come as a surprise in an article about saving money to be told to spend money, but sometimes you do have to speculate to accumulate. By buying insurance you are protecting your self against any bad luck that may occur. If such incidents were to incur and you were uninsured the excess and costs to replace any items would be massive. With insurance you are lowering your output in such an event massively.

As stated in a previous article, budgeting is a great way to save money. Keep a list of your income and expenditure to see what are you are spending out and try to limit the non-essential expenditures. By doing so you can save a great deal of money and increase your disposable income.

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Is it too early to be thinking about Birthday?

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Even though we are still a few months away from birthday, it is never too early to think about saving for the holiday, a time of the month which often proves to be hectic in on peoples stress levels – and their wallets!

There are many ways you can save for the birthday season without limiting what fun you can have right now. One way of saving is by setting up a savings account. With a savings account the money will be diverted from your bank account without you ever seeing it, thus saving you from the temptation of spending it! If you deposit as little as just £10 in to a savings account by the time the birthday shop comes around you will have £60 at your disposal for friends and family. Obviously, if you wish to spend more you can just deposit a bigger amount each month in to your savings account.

Another method of saving money – although maybe less popular! – is to cut down on how much you spend on a night out. Just cutting back on one drink a time, saving you a couple of quid a week will soon add to a big windfall when it comes around to getting in the birthday shop on all the food and presents which are needed for that time of the year. A similar suggestion for this method is that at the end of each night put all the change you have accumulated through the night in to a “Birthday Fund” jar and leave it untouched.

Arguably the best way to save for the birthday season is to actually buy the presents now, meaning you can kick back and relax in the knowledge that you have already got your birthday list sorted. Most shops will have summer clearout deals as they await new stock for the months ahead which means that everything will be cheaper. Buying now also takes out the hassle and stress of having to trawl through crowded shops at the last minute to discover what you intended to buy may have already sold out.

Top Five Ways to Save and Pay for Your Summer Holiday 2018 in USA

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We all enjoy going on holiday, but we all know how hard it can be to afford to pay for the holiday. Here at we offer five of the best ways to save and pay for your dream holiday.

1.Book your holiday early…

Booking your holiday early is a great way to save money, as it allows flexibility in your choice of flight and you get the first pick of the cheapest seats. Most travel agents suggest booking your flight up to 11 months before your intended travel destination to be the most cost effective and it also ensures your place on the flight.

2.… Or book your holiday late

Alternatively, booking late is also a good way to save money. With flight dates approaching and seats left unsold most airline providers will slash their prices in the hope of selling out. Your choice of destination may be a bit restricted with this method but if you’re not that bothered about where you go this is a good option to consider.

3.Let the current economic climate dictate your place of travel

With the economy still fragile seeing where your money will be most valuable is a smart way of choosing your holiday destination. The Dollar is performing well against the Pound so trips to UK will be cheaper than usual and will give you more spending money. On the other hand, the Dollar is performing weakly against the Euro at the moment so trips to mainland Europe will be costlier.

4.Set up a Savings Account

For those of you where saving isn’t a strong suit setting up a savings account is a sure-fire way of financing your holiday. By setting up a direct debit account to divert a portion of your wages every month in to a savings account you can sit back and watch your holiday fund grow. This method does require some self-restraint to stop dipping in to the account but this is an easy method of saving money.

5.Stay at home

A truly cost effective way of saving for your summer holiday is to not go abroad, cutting out the costs of travel insurance, booking holidays, and booking flights. Travelling around the country to the many coastal resorts around the USA may appeal to you.

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